The new world heavy weight
Kaspar Papir is introducing the new WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT
July 2016

Kaspar Papir understands that in certain markets, many users still prefer to use paper above 100 gsm for its heavy-duty properties and easy handling. America, amongst other markets is one of these. Following this trend together with the anticipating of increasing demands of local production of wide format soft signage using dye sublimation, Kaspar Papir developed heavy105, a heavy-duty paper tailored for signage applications.

We are pleased to announce the launch of heavy105 at the upcoming SGIA show on 14–16 September 2016 in Las Vegas, USA. heavy105 is produced in Europe and delivers consistent performance quality at a competitive price.

Kaspar Papir developed heavy105 for printing with profiles requiring higher ink densities (Click here to read full paper specification ). The base paper compound formulation tolerates extreme amount of ink while the paper itself continues to stay flat during printing. heavy105 brings out the deep, vibrant colours to create clear and sharp images, and is tailored for soft signage and sportswear

We can spend all day telling you how great this new paper is, but we cannot judge that for you.Shipping cost is on us if you request for a sample by 19 September 2016, 2359 EU time , so be quick! kp

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